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Some exceptions may be applied to some rules

      1. Must be active (unless in an event in this case contact one of the clan elders,        
            coleaders, or the leader in advance)

      2. Participation in clan wars is required (This is only if clan settings are set to
            participate in clan Wars, if not you aren't required, but if you are included
             in the war anyways you do)

      3. Limited swearing allowed

      4. Cannot hold the clan back (You may be weeded out to leave room for a better

      5. Limited trolling (DO NOT mess around in Clan Wars if it will hinder our star
          count in any way!)

      6. No luring

      7. No misleading other players

      8. No distributing unknown personal information

Any of these rules can be overridden by Jose and no one is completely safe from being booted or demoted these rules are set as general guidelines and are in no means perfect.
We have rules to keep people accountable for their actions and weed out stagnant players this makes the game more fun for other players in the clan who want to stay competitive and gain the most in the long run.


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